Deep Learning For Coders - Full notes and transcripts now available


February 24, 2017

We’ve been so excited to watch the thousands of people working their way through part 1 of Practical Deep Learning For Coders, and the buzzing community that has formed around the course’s Deep Learning Discussion Forums. But we have heard from those for whom English is not their first language that a major impediment to understanding the content is the lack of written transcript or course notes. As a student of Chinese I very much empathize - I find it far easier to understand Chinese videos when they have subtitles, especially when it’s more technical material.

So I’m very happy to announce that the course now has complete transcripts (available directly as captions within Youtube) and course notes for every lesson.

notes example

This is thanks to the hard work of our intern, Brad Kenstler (course notes), and part 1 international fellow, Lin Crampton (transcripts). We are very grateful to both of them for their wonderful contributions, and we expect that they will significantly progress our mission to make the power of deep learning accessible to all.

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