Sponsor a Deep Learning Diversity Scholarship


Rachel Thomas


August 17, 2017

Last year’s diversity fellowships (funded by University of San Francisco and fast.ai), open to women, people of Color, LGBTQ people, and vets, played a role in helping us create a diverse community. However, we need your help to be able to offer additional scholarships this year. If your company, firm, or organization would be willing to sponsor diversity scholarships ($1,500 each), please email .

Deep learning is incredibly powerful and is being used to diagnose cancer, stop deforestation of endangered rainforests, provide better crop insurance to farmers in India, provide better language translation than humans, improve energy efficiency, and more. To find out why diversity in AI is a crucial issue, read this post on the AI diversity crisis.

While many in tech are bemoaning the “skills gap” or “talent shortage” in trying to hire AI practitioners, we at fast.ai set out 1 year ago with a novel experiment: could we teach deep learning to coders with no pre-requisites beyond just 1 year of coding experience? Other deep learning materials often assume an advanced math background, yet we were able to get our students to the state of the art, through a practical, hands-on approach in our part-time course, without the advanced math requirements. Our students have been incredibly successful and their stories include the following:

For those interested in applying for our diversity fellowships (to take our course), read this post for details.